Pelouze SP5 5-lb/2200g Digital Scale

Pelouze SP5 Summary of features:

  • 5lb weight capacity in 0.1oz increments
  • Automatic zero (Tare) and Auto Turn Off functions
  • Low battery indicator
  • Big easy-to-read four digit LCD
  • Scale is powered by a 9V alkaline battery (sold separately)

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Pelouze SP5 Details: A Short Review

This all-purpose digital scale can weigh items of up to 5lb weight, and in 0.1oz increments. It only displays the straight weight of the package being weighed so you’ll have to calculate the rates manually. If you require rate calculating feature, check out the Pelouze PS20DL digital scale. The power is supplied to the scale by a 9V alkaline battery that does not come included in the package. Weight readout is displayed on a big easy to read four digit LCD screen.

When turned on for the first time, this postal scale will automatically calibrate itself by using its tare feature, while showing letters “cal” on the screen for about three seconds. That way, you can put a container on it, and then turn it on — it will calibrate itself to take the weight of the container into account, and display zero weight with the container on it. It will stay calibrated that way until it has been turned off. Some users have complained that the scale gets stuck in the calibration process so they had to buy a new one, but it must have been the flaw of the production series.

The scale possesses an auto shut-off function after 30 seconds so it doesn’t drain the battery if you forget to turn it off. It’s also equipped with low battery indicator so you’ll know when to replace it. This Pelouze SP5 digital postal scale is intended for private use only, it is not legal for trade.