Pelouze SP5 5-lb/2200g Digital Postal Scale

Pelouze SP5This all-purpose Pelouze digital postal scale (get it from can weigh items of up to 5lb weight, and in 0.1oz increments. It only displays the straight weight of an object, so you have to calculate the rates manually. The power is supplied to the scale by a 9V alkaline battery (not included).

The Pelouze postal scale has a big easy to read four-digit LCD screen. When turned on for the first time, it automatically calibrates itself by using its tare feature, while showing letters “cal” on the screen for about three seconds. That way, you can put a container on it, and then turn it on — it will calibrate itself to take into account the weight of the container until it has been turned off. Some users have complained that the scale gets stuck in the calibration process so they had to buy a new one.

The scale possesses an auto shut-off function after 30 seconds so it doesn’t drain the battery if you forget to turn it off. It’s also equipped with low battery indicator so you’ll know when to replace it. This Pelouze digital postal scale is intended for private use only, it is not legal for trade.

Pelouze PS20DL Internet Downloadable Digital Postal Scale.

Pelouze PS20DLThis Internet Downloadable Digital Postal Scale has a capacity of 20 lb and can weigh items in 0.1oz increments. The postal rates for USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL can be updated by internet download using a serial cable and supplied software. The scale can then calculate the letter and postage postal costs. It can compute costs for USPS First Class, Priority, Express, Parcel Post and International rates (actually only limited to Mexico and Canada at the time of writing).

The power is supplied to the scale by 9V battery or an AC adapter (both sold separately). The Pelouze digital scale also has a tare function to calibrate itself when turned on. The main disadvantage of this scale is actually the postal rate download function. The serial cable needed for PC connection is outdated, and not all serial-to-USB converters work with the supplied software. Also, rate download incurs a fee except for the first time.

Pelouze P250S Mechanical Utility Scale

Pelouze P250SThis Pelouze postal scale (get it from is a perfect product for UPS and general utility use. It features a durable 18-gauge steel construction with ribbed platform that adds extra strength for heavy packages. The weight capacity of the scale is 250lb and display is in 1lb increments.

The display is a mechanical dial with a bright red pointer and large numerals that is protected with shatterproof lens. It has Memory Lock feature that retains weight reading so you can get it regardless of package size. The platform size is 10 1/2 x 13 1/4. The scale comes equipped with a handle for easy carrying. The scale is for private use only, not legal for trade. Digital scales look nice, but most of them won’t last as long as this Pelouze P250S postal scale. And it doesn’t even need batteries.