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USPS PS-100 Postal Scale; 10lb x 0.1oz UltraShip 55 lb Shipping Scale; 55lb x 0.1oz Weighmax 2822-75 Postal/Shipping Scale; 75lb x 0.2oz Weighmax Xtro 330 Shipping Scale; 330lb x 0.1lb

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Are you feeling overwhelmed when you’re buying a new postal scale? Well, you shouldn’t be. When you know all the available features and what to look for, it becomes a trivial task of choosing a postage scale on sale. If you’re looking to buy a postal scale, it’s probably going to be a digital scale, so these are the main features to look for:

Postal scale that you’re going to buy should have simple and easy to use interface. Keys should be clearly marked and not complicated to use. This is important if the scale is going to be used by many people, so they don’t have to be educated in its usage. The screen should be large and easy to read. Some scales have a detachable display or a HOLD function when measuring over sized items.

Digital scale weighing capacity

Obviously, you should determine the required weight capacity of the scale that you’re buying, depending on the usual weight of the packages that you’re sending. Better to get a scale of bigger capacity than not being able to measure the item that you’re shipping. Small scales can measure up to 35 lb; medium ones have a weighing capacity of 50 to 100 lb, and the biggest scales range from 100 lb upwards. Most scales feature some kind of container for loose objects, and also a way to increase the platform size for bigger packages.

Advanced features of postal scales

Cheap postal scales can display only the weight of the item, but more expensive postal scales can also calculate and display postage, compare shipping classes to select the most economical one, and even compare shipping prices among different companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. When buying a scale with postage calculating feature, choose the one with the ability to download postage rates from the Internet. That is usually an USB scale that connects to the PC by USB cable.  Otherwise, a replacement chip is needed on every update of postal rates, and it can be pretty expensive.

If you want to keep the scale from unauthorized use in a public place or office, password protected scale is the best choice. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer any postal scale with that function

Other useful features that are available in today’s digital scales include battery and A/C power, back-lit display, automatic zero and calibration function (TARE), automatic turn-off, etc.

If digital scale is not what you’re looking for, and you want to buy a mechanical postal scale, click here to view selected mechanical scales on sale.