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USPS PS-100 Postal Scale; 10lb x 0.1oz UltraShip 55 lb Shipping Scale; 55lb x 0.1oz Weighmax 2822-75 Postal/Shipping Scale; 75lb x 0.2oz Weighmax Xtro 330 Shipping Scale; 330lb x 0.1lb

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Overview of digital postal scales

For all your home or business shipping needs, a digital postal scale is a must have item that will save your time and money. After you have weighted your item to be shipped, you can find out the exact postage from USPS or UPS website. Continue reading to find more information about digital postal scales.

Digital postal scale, otherwise known as electronic postal scale, is a device that uses an electronic integrated circuit pressure sensor that will provide weight readout. When you’re buying a scale, first you need to determine what kind would best suit your shipping needs.

Size of the scale will determine the maximum weight it can measure. Small scales usually have a weighing capacity of up to 10-20 lb. They are usually designed to measure letters and small packages (a great example is the USPS PS-100 scale). The accuracy of these small scales should be 0.1 oz. When you’re weighing small items, every bit of accuracy is important. For items of medium weight, you should choose a bigger scale; they normally measure up to 50-75 lb (check out Weighmax 2822-75 review). The drawback of big scales is lower accuracy. If advertised as 0.1 oz resolution, it’s only accurate for the first few pounds after which the resolution usually switches to 0.5 oz. The ones advertised at 0.2 oz usually keep that accuracy across the entire weighing range. Most of the scales can measure weight in different units, i.e. lb and oz, kg and grams.

A digital postal scale can come programmed with postal rate information. When measuring the package weight, they display the exact price saving you from doing the math. The postal rates must be adjusted each time they change. Some older scale models required a chip replacement every time that happened. New models can connect to the internet and download postage rates each time they change. Also, some advanced models can compare postal rates for multiple carriers and options for mailing, such as: Parcel Post, Priority Mail, First Class, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.

Scales come with many different features and options, some more necessary then others. In our opinion, a scale that you’re going to buy should have these features:

  • Tare function, that allows zero calibration without an additional weight.
  • Hold function that keeps the LCD readout after you remove the package. Sometimes the package it just too big that it hides the LCD screen from the view.
  • AC and battery power makes the scale portable and also independent of batteries if power socket is available.
  • Auto Turn-Off feature will save power if you forget to turn off the unit.

Other available options that can be found on a digital postal scale include accessories that can hold irregular packages like tubes. Some scales have a removable face display for easy reading while weighing over sized boxes. For offices and public spaces, it is possible to get a postal scale with password protection that can keep it from unauthorized use. For interfacing with a computer, a digital postal scale can also come with a USB port for easy connection.